How do you think of pictures?

What attracts you the most in any picture?

What do you think are the main aspects that forms a picture?

Any photo depends on composition, idea, lighting, moment, colors and quality.


Composition and idea are the main factors of a good photo, but also the lighting is very important, as you may have all the factors above with good means and the lighting is not good so the photo will not be good either.

How can we take a a good photo and how can we fulfill all the above aspects?

As I mentioned above that lighting is a core factor for a good photo, So how could I settle good lighting for a good photo?

There is a very important expression in photography and it is always repeated which is “Exposure Triangle” what does that mean?

From the word triangle we can notice that it has to be consisted of 3 elements with some sort of relation between them .. those elements are:
1- Aperture
2- Shutter Speed
3- ISO

Each element has a role to get a good photo which I will elaborate separately



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