8 Tips to Look Good in Photos

How to look good in a photo? How to pose right while taking a photo?

Those questions are always on our minds when taking photos.

Lots of people when looking at their own photos they don’t like their shape, or wonder why they don’t look good or why aren’t they smiling enough or even why are they looking fat.

Let me tell you about 8 tips if you take care of you’ll probably be more satisfied from your photos.

1. The Eye

The Eyes are the door for your personality and it expresses your personality and feelings. Let your eyes smile, don’t just smile with your mouth.

2. The Smile

The best smile is that natural one from your inside, not just an artificial one for the photo.

Show your teeth without showing your gums, don’t open your mouth widely


3. The Nose

If you have a long nose try not to give your face side to the camera, but rather with a small angle.


4. The Head

Try to have it in a middle angle to the camera, neither up nor down. Keep your chick down a little and to the front.

5. The Shoulders

The widest part of our body is the shoulder. When we face the camera in the photos that shows us wide/fat and gives a feeling of attack and aggressiveness. It is always better to stand our shoulders by the side, that would make us look better.

6. The Hand

We always ask where shall we put our hands.

First; don’t stick your hands to your body. You can put it in your waist with your fingers shown.

If you’ll put your hands in your pocket; don’t put it all inside, keep your thumb outside the pocket.

Don’t let the elbows face the camera.

If you will fold your hands, keep your palm outside with your fingers shown.

7. The Legs

How should we stand and what is the best position for our legs?

Don’t make them tight, keep them comfortable and you may bend one of them.

It is better to keep them closed a little not opened widely, and you may put one in-front of the other.

8. The Body

Keep your body straight, whether you are standing or sitting. If not, that would make some details of your body seen while you didn’t want to show them.

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