Camera Types

There are lots of camera types and the most common are: Compact (point & shoot), Bridge (superzoom / semipro / prosumer), DSLR, Mirrorless Instant camera, Smartphone cameras.

This post has the characteristics of each type with the photo.

  1. Compact also known as point & shoot cameras
    • Small – Lightweight
    • User friendly
    • Relatively cheap
    • Non changeable lens
    • Limited functionality
    • Small sensor –> low image quality17861737_432789307056222_4416318542479000529_n (1)
  2. Bridge also known as superzoom / semipro / prosumer cameras
    [Called bridge as it lessened the distance between the compact (point & shoot) cameras and the professional cameras]
    • More functionality than compact (point & shoot) cameras, but less functionality than DSLR cameras
    • Heavier than compact (point & shoot) cameras
    • Non changeable lens
    • Its lens have high zoom
    • Small sensor –> low image quality
  3. DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)
    • Changeable lens
    • Advanced functionality
    • Has cropped and full frame (small sensors and full size sensors)17952606_432789610389525_5228220474066769674_n
  4. Mirrorless Instant cameras
    • Changeable lens
    • Advanced functionality
    • More accurate representation of the final image
    • No penta-prism mirror –> lighter and smaller size
  5. Smartphone cameras
    • Competes compact (point & shoot) cameras
    • Very limited functionality -Basic
    • Extremely small sensor –> Low quality (resolution) of image17523421_432790087056144_7902716237182641466_n

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